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Our Goal is to help hair growth on a different level with providing powerful oil compounds that promote hair growth from the roots to the end of the hair.


Benefits of Our Oil

Strengthening, Conditioning, Shine, Fullness and Growth also by bringing life back to your hair again.

  • For Hair Fall

  • For Hair Growth

  • For Itchy Scalp

  • Hair Loss Treatment

  • For Shiny, Lustrous Locks

  • Dandruff Treatment

  • Split End Solution

  • As A Hair Conditioner

  • For Excess Oil Control

  • Premature Graying Treatment

  • Hair Strengthening And Damage Reversal

  • As Hair Thinning Solution

Where does it come from?

De’Von’s family growth oil recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation going back 100 plus years.

Protective Style • Hot Oil Treatments • Daily Treatments •Alopecia • Psoriasis AND MORE

Our Maximum Strength HairGrowth Oil is Made with 100% Pure Organic Rich Oils That Promotes Hair Growth & A Healthier Scalp.


Who We Are

100% Handmade Pure Hair Growth Oil made by De’Von Herself. 7th Avenue LLC Growth oil has no nut oil base in our products do to nut allergies which some clients may be Allergic to. So her family came up with a very natural hair growth oil and herbs that will help hair growth on a different level. Using the powerful hair oil compounds recipe that promote hair growth from the roots to the end of the hair shaft. by Strengthening, Creating Fullness, Conditioning, Growth and Shine, also brings your hair back to life. You can use this oil 2 ways. As a deep hot oil treatment or as a daily usage on protected styles, and this can be used on all hair types. Our 100% lavender oil with a combination of powerful oils like fenugreek, chebe, avocado, and more herbs for maximum hair growth in each bottle usage.

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